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Equipment Manufacturers, Distributors, Equipment Sellers or Resellers.

Faithshire believes that if vendors have floor plan financing solutions to work with, they can increase sales volumes in a meaningful way by presenting a wider variety of equipment options to the end buyer. We can help you make this happen, and at the same time, arrange for your customers to obtain the financing they need, starting with the application process while on site.

Leasing at the vendor level builds customer loyalty which leads to add-ons, trade-ups and new equipment acquisitions. Vendor financing promotes the quick turnaround of sales. You don't have to wait to close the deal while the customer is off searching for money.

White Labeling programs are available under the vendor's banner which will impress potential customers with the breadth of your capability in the market place. You control the sale.

If you are interested in creating a Vendor Program with us, please contact us or your professional lease consultant so we can build a customized lease program that fits the needs of your industry and customer base.